A business operating model for a thrift store brand. 

About Retro with it

When I moved to Canada and found about thrift stores, I started exploring them.
I loved the idea of reforming, recycling, re using and giving a second life to products.
This is very innovative and eco-friendly as it reduces landfill.
This made me love the idea of giving back to the community, this made me create a brand and learn about the operations behind a thrift store business and thus, this conceptual design project “Retro with it” was born.
My goals included,
1. Learning how to breakdown meta data of information, optimize it and prioritize the main aspects of it. 
2. Learn how to visually communicate and present information to the audience. 
Through this project, I was able to gain insight on the business which also helped  improve my design skills.

The tag line for the brand I chose was “Exclusively you”.
Vintage and thrift stores offer a space where one can find unique items and put them together as desired. This creative process makes outfits, living spaces or an object stand out and have its own voice. The brand celebrates individuality and uniqueness in people.


OUR Retro with it Cycle

Here’s how it works