A NGO project with an aim to celebrate and preserve the knowledge, history and the journey of the iconic monuments in the city of Bengaluru, India by INTACH in the form of a guide book titled" Discovering Bengaluru: History, neighborhoods, walks."


1. Research
The client brief had instructions to map the heritage walks of the city with illustrations. 
A list of monuments with names were provided and I read up, gathered images, videos and articles to accurately illustrate the monuments as it had to accurately represent the wear and tear and also the structure of the buildings. I also communicated with the client regularly to make sure I had all the necessary information to perform my task.

2. Illustrations
I worked on over 30 illustrations for this project based on my research and the details that were provided in the brief. It consisted of both organic and inorganic elements. These are all flat vector illustrations done with the help of Adobe Creative Suite. 

3. Challenges
The illustrations were quite challenging to draw as I had to keep in mind that, 
– Indian architecture has a lot of complicated and detailed elements.
– They have organic elements like sculptures and statues and many details with elevations and extrusions. 
-The illustrations had to be as precise as possible and readable with all the important details. The challenging part was to prioritize on the details. 

 4. End Result
After discussing all the details and coming to  conclusion, I was able to successfully deliver the project on time meeting all the deadlines.
I used a lot of references and scaled down the images, placed it on the maps to gauge the scale of the illustrations in relation to the rest of the visual elements.  
I also made decisions based on visibility and readability of the images as I wanted my illustrations to be functional.